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Auto Content Pro

Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Get Loads Of Search Engine Friendly, Automatically Updated Content On Your Websites - All Delivered On Autopilot!

Product Description: It's a well-known fact that Search Engines love regularly updated content on websites.

Sites which are regularly updated generally get ranked much higher than static sites that are created and then never touched again.

However continually updating your site with new content is rather a lot of hassle.

But now, there is an easier way.

With our powerful Auto Content Pro, you can instantly add a small bit of code to your web pages that will deliver regularly updated, search-engine friendly content - taken directly from some of the top article directories - and shown on your web pages on autopilot.

  • Get Free Automatically Updated Article Content
  • Easily Add Search Engine Friendly Feeds To Your Sites


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Easy Striped Backgrounds Package!

How To Easily Add Web 2.0 Style Striped Backgrounds To Your Sites!

Product Description: Ever wanted to add those cool Web 2.0 style striped backgrounds to your websites? Don't know how to do it, or maybe you'd just don't want to waste your time trying to figure it out?

Well, I've done the legwork for you, and compiled a package of over 100 most popular striped backgrounds that you can easily add to your sites and all other graphics.

There's plenty of variety in this package. I tried to create all of the most popular styles. So you're pretty much set with this package as far as striped backgrounds go.

Exactly want you will get:

  • Over 100 different background images in PNG format. These are ready to be added to your website's background. Just save the PNG image as your background, and you're ready to go. No special software required.
  • A .pat file for Photoshop containing all of these patterns. So you can easily add these patterns to ANY image you want, using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Add these stripes to your headers, footers, covers, buttons, etc.
  • .PNG file format included - You DON'T need Photoshop or any special graphics software to use these Web 2.0 backgrounds. Simply open up your webpage, go to background properties and then choose a background inside this package.
  • Master Resale Rights to this same product so that you can sell it yourself and keep 100% of the money. You'll get the exact same salesletter which you can customize with your own name and order links, so you can start making money right away. This is a really handy tool, so why not share it with others and make some money while you're at it.


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Sales Bot Generator

Now you can have a second chance at selling to your exit traffic...

"Unleash These 24 Hour Online Sales Agents & Immediately Skyrocket Conversions, Sales & Profits"

Product Description: Sales Bot Generator is a simple little script you can use to set up your personal 'exit traffic salesmen'. As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and take action on your offers.

You can generate unlimited salesmen and put them on any webpage you want. Simply add one block of code to your webpage and your salesman is ready to go to work.

This is extremely easy to do, only takes a couple of minutes and full directions are provided.

If You Can Click, Copy, and Paste, You Can Use "Sales Bot Generator"

Master Resale Rights!
IM Minisites Pro Pak

If You Can't Design a Graphic To Save Your Life, and Your Sales Pages and Minisites Look Like a 5 Year Old Designed It, You're In Luck!

Product Description: A package of 50 professionally designed minisite templates, specifically designed to be easy to use and edit, versatile (adaptable to countless projects) and give your projects a nice professionally designed look.

Easy to use, quick to set up, with minimal (but really easy) graphic editing, or no graphic editing at all.

This Package Includes:

  • 25 Rounded Corner, Niche Graphic Minisite Templates - 5 different designs, in 5 colors each. Pre-formatted for easy editing. Includes testimonial box and Buy Button. I've also included .psd and blank .png header and footer files, so you can easily edit the headers and footers with your own text!
  • 5 Rounded Corner, Graphic Minisite Templates - Pre-formatted for easy editing. Includes testimonial box and Buy Button.
  • 10 Square Corner, Fixed Background Minisite Templates - Pre-formatted for easy editing. Includes testimonial box and Buy Button. These templates feature fixed, non-scrolling backgrounds, courtesy of some simple css code. Only the content area scrolls.
  • 10 Square Corner, Standard Minisite Templates - Pre-formatted for easy editing. Includes testimonial box and Buy Button. These templates are the standard type. Both background and content area scrolls.
  • 5 Bonus Generic Niche Minisite Templates
  • 5 more distinctively designed minisite templates you can add to your marketing arsenal. Easy to edit templates, with a clean, professionally designed look.
  • 5 Animated Order Buttons - These animated .gif buttons will help to motivate your buyers to "BUY NOW!".


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Newbie's Guide To Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Discover A Simple, Yet Highly Effective Blueprint That Reveals In Explicit Detail Exactly How Even A Total Newbie Can Start Generating An Income Online!

Product Description: Don't be fooled - this system is very simple, yet very, very powerful. It can be done by absolutely anyone. In fact, if you can follow simple instructions then you can make this system work!

This guide is not padded out with fluff but is to the point, concise and completely step by step. You will be guided by the hand through how to use this system with every single term explained in plain English. Nothing is left out of the guide and everything is explained.

Often many new Internet Marketers are baffled by the technical terms bandied around by those in the know. This guide explodes these terms and tells you exactly what they mean and how they impact your online business.

62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump

You don't need to go broke to drive your vehicle! This book will show you how to save money and conserve gas!

Product Description: With the ever-raising costs of filling your tank full of gas, there's no shame in cutting every corner to save a buck. All a person needs is the know-how, the tips and tricks, the truth and not the old rumors, of how to make that tank last until next payday! I've written it all down for you and put it in a report I like to call...

62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump!

  • How gas prices in your area compare to the gas prices in other parts of the US - and if you're paying more than the rest of us!
  • The percentage of your fuel that is automatically wasted every time you use your car - and how to keep that number at a bare minimum.
  • A little known figure about gas mileage that you can use to save money on your taxes.
  • An easy way to let credit cards save you up to $300/year on gas.
  • A little known secret about what time of day you should buy gas to get the most for your money.
  • And Much More!

15 Top Ways To Save Money

Can you spend wisely and have more savings? Yes, you can. But you need to train yourself to be a disciplined buyer and learn to become an intelligent saver.

Product Description: Every day we are bombarded with messages telling us how to save money. Zero percent down, half off and two for one are commonplace announcements blasted at us through television, radio and billboards.

As relentless as these commercials are the reality is that very few of these solicitations will actually save us money.

Quite the contrary, they are designed as a call to action to grab your credit card and spend, spend, spend!

Can you spend wisely and have more savings? Yes, you can. But, you need to train yourself to be a disciplined buyer and learn to become an intelligent saver.

“15 Top Ways to Save Money” is just what you need to identify those areas that can really save you significant money. Learn:

  • How to save on insurance
  • How to save on auto loans
  • How to save on mortgage loans
  • How to save on credit cards
  • How to save on gasoline
  • How to save on car repairs
  • How to save on home improvement
  • How to save on home heating and energy
  • How to save on phone service
  • How to save on major appliances
  • How to save on discount furniture
  • How to save on clothing
  • How to save on groceries
  • How to save on vacations
  • How to save on prescription drugs

How To Prosper During Bad Times

Discover different ways to make money during recession & stagflation!

Product Description: Many people often associate economic downturn with lack or absence of opportunities. “It's simply impossible to make money much less to prosper during an economic recession or depression.”

This is absolutely not true.

Because the truth is, economic recessions or it's uglier cousin, economic depressions, are just the perfect opportunities that anyone with vision can take advantage of to become not just rich – but filthy rich!

For the record no less than America's second richest person alive, Warren Buffet whose personal fortune reached a dizzying $48 billion before he decided to give back to the society $31 billion can attest to this.

Warren Buffet built his massive fortune buying businesses and properties that most people had given up as lost. To many businessmen, he is the great rescuer who bailed them out of their economic miseries.

But of course Warren Buffet saw more than rescuing them out of their economic woes. If he sees no value or potential in their businesses, he sees no reason to buy them.

But what exactly does he know that ordinary mortals don't usually know about economic downturns?

First and foremost, economic downturns don't last. During bad times, Prophets of Doom would say the worst things about the economy.

Of course things are bad. But they only remain bad to a certain point. This is because of the thing called Economic Cycle.

Economic Cycles are periods in history of booms and busts. Economic cycles are the hallmarks of laissez faire system. Economic cycles behave just like the seasons.

And just like the seasons, the climate always changes. And just like the seasons you can predict a downturn or an upturn.

101 Fast Fixes To Boosting Your Credit Score

Give Me 45 Minutes And I Will Have You On Your Way To A Better Credit Rating, Happy Lenders, And Open Doors!

Product Description: If you're planning on asking for a loan in the future... If you want to get help from the bank to buy your dream home, dream car, start your own business or more... but feel like your bad credit rating is holding you back. FRET NO MORE.

Within my 50 page guide, "101 Fast Fixes To Boosting Your Credit Score," I'll teach you exactly how the credit bureau's do their business. I'll teach you how to regain their trust step by step, and even show you a few simple tricks for being financially responsible.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • What's a good credit score? And at what score should I start to be worried.
  • Even if you pay all your bills on time, you may still have marks against your credit. See why here.
  • 3 top credit agencies and how to keep tabs on them.
  • 4 ways the credit bureau's look at your lending history - and how important each view is.
  • 3 ways to boost your credit score (and it's not just paying your bills).
  • 10 steps to protecting your identity from thieves who may destroy your credit on their joyride across the country.
  • 4 steps to take right away if you think you've been a victim of identity theft. It may not be too late.
  • 5 common credit mistakes you may commit if you don't know about them in advance.
  • How not having any debts may actually hurt your credit score.


The Super Secrets of Credit!

"How Anyone Can Establish, Manage, Repair and Erase Bad Credit Without Losing $1,000's to Credit Repair Company!"

Product Description: Do you want to know how to establish credit, maintain, manage, and fix it when it’s broken? May be what you want is a better living that is free of harassing phone calls from creditors.

Or do you want to know how to get out of bad credit debt, avoid overspending, clean up your credit report and establish good credit? If your answer is yes - then this will be the best message you ever read this year.

Today we now live in credit world where credit is now a necessity for almost every consumer, but it's quite unfortunate that thousands upon thousands of people (possibly including you) are rejected for credit almost every day.

Most often it's usually because they have poor credit history or bad credit. It may even be because of error on your credit report being circulated in the credit market. If you are in this condition too it's not your all your fault and you are not alone. All you need is to read my latest book.


Getting Yourself Organized!

Who else wants to relieve stress by bringing order to your life once and for all?

Product Description: Are You Pulling Your Hair Out Because Your Life Is A Disorganized Mess?

Feel like a chicken running around with your head cut off?

Give me 45 minutes and I'll teach you to dump your old frantic habits and get organized once and for all!

If you spend all your time getting one task done just so you can move on to another, you need to make sure you don't waste one minute. Any time spent dilly-dallying is time you don't get to sit back and relax.

It feels great to relax, doesn't it?

The truth is, sometimes you're so busy with life you don't have time to sit down and make a plan to get organized. Well help is here. Now you can...

Get Rid Of The Bad Habits That Keep Your Life An Unorganized Mess!

If you're feeling more than a little stressed out today, now is the time to start managing your life for the better. You can restore order to your household (and clean it up while you're at it), while relieving the tension you're feeling (so you can finally sleep good at night).

Within my 52 page guide, "101 Ways to Help you get Organized and Stay Organized," you'll learn how to turn your hectic life right side up. With tips, tricks, and tactics to bring order to your life, you'll finally feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. And you can download my report straight to your computer (in just minutes from now) to start getting organized right away.

Time To Move Abroad!

Isn't It About Time You Learned EVERYTHING you need to know about moving overseas easily and painlessly?

Everything you'll need to know to ensure a smooth transition!

Product Description: Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

  • Everything you need to know about having the right documentation. In order to move and work effectively within your chosen destination it is important that you have organized and obtained the relevant documentation. Failure to do so may result in your inability to legally work or even remain in the country. Learn all about this in chapter 4.
  • Learning whether or not you should rent or buy overseas. Before starting your search for a home, ensure you set yourself a budget to stick to. Ensure you include costs such as bond or renovations, legal fees during the process and the estate agent. It is recommended that you allow yourself an extra ten percent on which to fall back on, if costs prove to be more than initially expected.
  • How to prepare for the big move without fuss. The key component to ensuring a smooth and stress free move is organization. Moving abroad is very different to moving domestically and for this reason it is imperative that you be as organized as possible. Learn all about this in chapter 8.
  • How to find an international moving company without being scammed. In preparing to ship your goods overseas ensure you contact a few removal companies to compare quotes and ensure a reasonable price. Price should not be the only factor on which to base your choice.
  • And a lot more!


Household Budgeting!

Give Me 50 Minutes And I’ll Have You On The Fast Track To A Family Budget That Erases Debt, Starts Piling Up The Savings, And Leaves You With Enough Left Over To Hit Disneyland With The Kids.

Product Description: The relief is almost instant when you create a family budget. But you know what the best part is?

When sticking to your budget starts to pay off. Soon you will have a monthly surplus. Soon you will see your savings start to grow. Your debt will start to dwindle. And you’ll notice you’re still able to do the things you love!

Within my 50 page guide, “How To Set Up A Family Budget,” I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to turn past money-management mistakes upside down. You’ll discover all my tricks, tips, and techniques for putting yourself on the fast track to financial security.

You can download my report straight to your computer. And you can have it in just minutes from now.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • The secret to why we can spend, spend, spend – and never know where the money went.
  • How to sit down with bank statements, checking accounts, stock portfolio’s and a list of assets to find out your true financial status.
  • 7 types of assets that have real value – that you may not know to include as part of your self worth.
  • Why this guide is different than other “budgeting” books. (It has to do with our “hands-on” approach.)
  • 5 main categories of spending that your budget will allow (don’t worry, this should make you happy!)
  • 9 defenses of budgeting to tell your partner if they need convincing.
  • 26 simple tricks to help you keep to your budget (without grinding your teeth).
  • 12 reasons why starting a family budget will empower you like never before (and help you sleep at night).
  • 3 most common reasons why budgets fail. Know what to look out for and you’ll avoid these budget busters.
  • What most financial advisors will tell you to keep motivated. Hint: It involves something good for you.

How To Sell Your House Without An Agent and At The Best Price Possible!

Insider Tips, Tricks, And Tactics For Selling Your Home Fast For THe Best Price Possible!

Product Description: So….you’d like to sell your house? Great! Everyone’s doing it. But this is your first time and you’ll be doing the sale yourself.

Nervous? Of course!

The fact is, it’s only unnerving because you haven’t got a clue about the dynamics of selling a house – your house. It’s the one asset you have where you’ve plunked down your lifetime savings.

Now you want it all back!

That equity you were slowly building over these years will come back to you a hundredfold because you’ve thought about it long enough to realize that there is a handsome profit waiting to be made.

Don’t worry! This episode in your life doesn’t need to be a drama of horrors. In this book, we’ve collected important tips for you – the first timer - all 101 of them, in fact.

And when that check finally lands on your hands and the last box has been shipped out of your house to make way for the new owners, it will be exhilarating – more exhilarating than you’ve ever imagined it to be.

Master Resale Rights!
Black Hat SEO For Beginners!

Stop Being A Victim Of The Search Engines...

Quickly And Easily Outsmart Your Way To Six Figures Using These Powerful Black Hat Strategies!

Product Description: Let's face it, web traffic is the lifeblood of our businesses and nobody in their right mind would ever dare contradict this. By now you have probably tried all of the latest methods of generating traffic, free and paid for.

Time for a reality check here.

How much better off is your online business now than it was a few months ago? Have you noticed a strange trend, watching your traffic dry up every month, requiring you to constantly go back to step one and start your marketing efforts all over?

I think it may be time for you to learn the very grim truth about the "silent partner in your business" who's getting pretty fat on your back as you do all of the hard work - over and over again.

Black Hat SEO For Beginners Will Help You:

  • Gain Better Understanding Of The Games Search Engines Play With Website Owners!
  • Set Up Your Own "Black-Hat" Traffic Funnel That Will Flood Your Websites With Free Visitors Every Month, With Little Or No Effort!
  • Enjoy Full Advantage From Your Keywords And Keyword Selection!
  • Keep Your Website And Business Safe From Prying Hands!
  • Optimize Your Pages For Better Search Engine Ranking!
  • Quickly Generate Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Sites!


Master Resale Rights!
The Secret Sales Machine

Think That A $27 Ebook Is Going To Boost Your Sales? Check Out What A “New York Times Bestseller Has To Say About Exploding Profits Into The Stratosphere!

“Step Into The Mind Of The Ultimate Sales Machine As He Exposes Closely-Guarded Secrets to Boosting Your Profits And Catapulting Your Bottom Line!”

Product Description: The Corporate Trainer For NBC, Citibank, Warner Bros, GNC, Wells Fargo, Estee’ Lauder, Merrill Lynch, And Almost a THOUSAND Other Companies Spills The Beans On How To Put Your Company On A Path To Success…And Help It STAY There!

Here Are The Ultimate Sales And Business Growth Tactics You’ll Discover:

  • The absolutely BEST business to be in (most entrepreneurs totally screw this up and, as a result, never have the freedom and independence they deserve!!!)
  • The one BIG DARN secret of the top producers in a business. (This is what separates the “wheat” from the “chaff”…and enables the top businessmen to annihilate any competition that comes their way!)
  • The one characteristic you MUST have if you want to survive in sales and business (Chet was going to name his book after this, but he was turned down…that’s how shocking it was!)
  • The fastest growth strategy in the world and how you can implement it in your business (99.4% of businesses fail miserably because they lack this!)
  • How Chet follows up with potential clients (It’s this strategy that allows him to reach ANYONE…no matter how high their status!)
  • Three tiers of buyers and how you can tailor your marketing toward them (Believe me, this isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition…each tier requires a different marketing strategy!)
  • How Chet is able to run his business from the comfort of his home (the airliner JetBlue uses this same secret!)
  • The secret to bagging the biggest affiliate in your niche (This one secret enabled Chet to make 15.4 Million dollars from a single affiliate deal…not bad for a year’s worth of work!)
  • What Chet learned from being a black-belt in Karate and how he instills it in his business (this one secret ALONE boosted the profitability of a $300 million dollar company by 20% in ONLY one year!)
  • How to have a productive corporate meeting…either in person or virtually (many business waste TONS of time and money twiddling their thumbs at meetings and don’t get anything done!)
  • How to triple the retention time of any sales presentation (Chet uses this all the time when training top clients!)
  • …and a WHOLE LOT MORE!


Master Resale Rights!
Renegade Direct Mail Secret!

Attention Frustrated Marketer: Tired of going to endless MLM meetings, giving into endless scams, and do you REALLY hate your job?

"Marketing Renegade Reveals The 'Closely-Guarded' Secrets On How He Banked Over 40 Million Dollars In Two Years In Direct Response Marketing!"

Product Description: This is stuff you won't hear in ANY business book or internet marketing course. Read about how you can kiss the day job you hate goodbye with marketing addict T.J. Rohleder's "insider" direct marketing secrets.

Renegade Direct Mail secrets is what you need to graduate from the itty-bitty $27 Ebook sales to creating massive income selling high-ticked items in the thousands.

You'll get the inside scoop from a seasoned marketer who's been in marketing for YEARS…even longer than Russell himself!

In fact, you'll see his ads all over the place in Small Business opportunity magazine…the industry's top magazine for work-at-home entrepreneurs. And believe me, it's not cheap creating a full-page ad in that prestigious magazine.

But don't take it from me. Read on to discover the exact tactics you'll discover during this important audio.

  • How you can get new customer acquisitions and start right away (this is something most of the internet marketers are royally ticked off about!
  • How you should imagine your customer when they get their direct mail piece (this will allow you to determine if your direct piece is going to rake in the money or BOMB!!)
  • The secret for making a humongous offline list (Hint: it has nothing to do with opening up the SRDS manual and looking around!)
  • The tactics that'll allow other people to do your work for them (why become an entrepreneur when you have to work all the time?)
  • The secret for getting $20,000 a month without ANY work (this is something absolutely NOBODY is doing in the online world!)
  • The FALSE thinking most marketers fall for when they think of direct marketing (Do you think pay-per-click is lucrative, think again!)
  • T.J.'s four ways they can take people's orders (Why force the decision on people when you can give your customers a choice?)
  • The one secret T.J. used to annihilate his competition (this aggressive strategy made his competitors start running for the hills!)
  • The mindset you DON'T want to have if you want to succeed in business (T.J. and Russell have this important trait ingrained in them…do you?)
  • The ONE WAY you want to make money in business—this principle will get your customers to buy again and again!
  • How to tap into the customer's mind when you write your copy (this is something a LOT of marketers fail at!)
  • The first thing you need to do to write copy (most copywriters fail at this, big time!!!!!)
  • The secret to building relationships with your customers so they'll do business with you over and over again (So many people are giving up on their customers way too soon…and bombarding them with email is not going to cut it!)


Master Resale Rights!
BBO Adwords Formula

Discover How An Ex-Google Employee Built An Opt-In List of 5322 Subscribers In Just 10 Days While Paying Only $0.06 Per Click!

If you want to start from scratch and use an inexpensive method to build up a powerful list in the next 10 days, then grab this special interview right now...

Product Description: Ok, let me ask you a simple question.

If you could talk to somebody who has worked at Google for over 5 years and has helped thousands of clients make more money with Google Adwords, what would you ask?

Would you ask...

How can I prevent my account from being "slapped?"

How can I pay only $0.06 per click and build a list of over 5000 prospects in only 10 days...

How can I build the perfect squeeze page that Google not only accepts, but loves?

How can I make $5 for every dollar that I spend on Google Adwords within my first month?!

Well, now is your chance.


Master Resale Rights!
EZ Ebook Template Package 5

Never In The History of Creating Ugly, 'Dime-A-Dozen' PDF Ebooks Has There Been An 'Instant Beautification' System Like This One...

EZ Ebook Templates are just what they sound like. They are ebook templates specially formatted to work inside of OpenOffice Writer to create PDF ebooks with loads of style. Unlike Microsoft Word templates that can be void of color, hip styles, and are more difficult to work with, EZ Ebook Templates have plenty of fresh colors hooked up with the latest styles and are easy to work with.

Product Description: Hiring someone to create a custom ebook template for you can be extremely costly. But doing it yourself can suck up huge chunks of your time. Then you're left figuring out which is more important to you, your time, or your money?

When you pick up a copy of EZ Ebook Templates, you'll never have to pay someone to generate a custom ebook template for you since you'll have plenty of colors to choose from in any EZ Ebook Template Package. You pay once and have the ebook templates to use over and over again anytime you need, or want one without taking up chunks of your precious time.

EZ Ebook Templates will save you precious time and money.

Your EZ Ebook Template Package 5 Includes:

  • 55 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates In A Variety Of Colors And Styles For Use In OpenOffice Writer(exclusively)
  • All Graphics In Both .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs
  • The Extra Backgrounds & Blank Ebook Cover Graphics
  • Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package
  • 1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, And All Necessary Graphics For Reselling


Master Resale Rights!
EZ Ebook Template Package 6

Attention Current Ebook Authors & Aspiring Ebook Authors!

"Never In The History of Creating Ugly, 'Dime-A-Dozen' PDF Ebooks Has There Been An 'Instant Beautification' System Like This One. . ."

"Make Your Ebooks Look Stunning And Professional With EZ Ebook Templates" Psst. . . .There's A Reason Why We Call Them 'EZ'

Product Description: EZ Ebook Templates give you the opportunity to create PDF ebooks that look completely professional. But without all the head pounding hours of work.

To use them, all you need to do is open up one of the specially designed .ODT files inside OpenOffice Writer and add your content. You can make changes to the text colors, the fonts, the line spacing, the backgrounds, anything you can think of, or know how to do.

If you can use OpenOffice Writer, then you can use EZ Ebook Templates. Once you discover how truly easy it is, you will never go back to bland looking PDF ebooks again.

Hiring someone to create a custom ebook template for you can be extremely costly. But doing it yourself can suck up huge chunks of your time. Then you're left figuring out which is more important to you, your time, or your money?

When you pick up a copy of EZ Ebook Templates, you'll never have to pay someone to generate a custom ebook template for you since you'll have plenty of colors to choose from in any EZ Ebook Template Package. You pay once and have the ebook templates to use over and over again anytime you need, or want one without taking up chunks of your precious time.

Your EZ Ebook Template Package 6 Includes:

  • 38 Pre-Formatted .ODT Ebook Templates In A Variety Of Colors And Styles For Use In OpenOffice Writer(exclusively)
  • All Graphics In Both .PSD and .JPG Format That Are Used Inside The Ebook Template Designs
  • The 5 "Quick Start" Bonus Videos
  • Full Master Resale Rights To The Entire EZ Ebook Template Package
  • 1 Sales Page, 1 Thank You Page, And All Necessary Graphics For Reselling


Master Resale Rights!
Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked

I Learned These Secrets by mistake...



Product Description: There are certain triggers, pushes and manipulations that vastly increase the amount of sales you will make. These are used on the most successful websites in Internet Marketing.

You won’t find them on little sites that don’t make any money.

But you will have to use them to jump onto the wealth bandwagon…and trust me - you will once you see how hugely successful they can make your business, and (let’s be blunt) how much money you can make from them.

Welcome to the inner circle guys…..I’m about to hand you the key to open the secrets of successful Internet Marketing…

Here are just some examples of the business-saving, life changing information that you will find inside this book:

  • The guru’s secret of unlimited products – often for free – that is staring you in the face, ready to be accessed whenever you wish
  • The launch success guarantee that is also a fast-cash generator
  • The three pricing steps that ensures anyone reading your sales page will go straight to the payment button without thinking
  • The BIGGEST Marketing Secrets Unlocked method to earning money online, and exactly how to do it for maximum profit
  • The highly Marketing Secret Unlocked method used by many gurus to launch their biggest and best money making ideas
  • The STUNNING Marketing Secrets Unlocked method that the gurus fight to keep hidden. I used this and watched how my income increased five times….and there’s NO LIMIT to it.
  • The one little change to any sales page that will almost ensure people buy from you
  • Why gurus REALLY give out free reports (hint – it’s something they really don't want you to know)
  • How REAL bum marketers let other people do the work while they back the profits
  • The squeeze page truth…and how to get top marketers to show you their secrets. For free
  • Become an SEO expert in minutes once you know about this Marketing Secrets Unlocked method – even if you don’t know what SEO is.
  • Make a killing selling low price products, and why the experts have been lying to you about to stop you doing this.
  • The Marketing Secrets Unlocked method that gives you the secret to how the big guys in marketing REALLY make their money

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Free Traffic For Broke Marketers

When I First Started Out Online I was SO BROKE The Only Way I Could Drive Traffic To My Sites Was By Using FREE Traffic Techniques...

Turned Out That FREE Was Also BEST!

Product Description: Years later I STILL use the very same techniques to provide some of my very best quality traffic, which results in sale after sale, every single month!

The truth of the matter is that FREE traffic doesn't have to mean POOR QUALITY traffic. In fact, quite the reverse is true in terms of this book.

I've had MORE sales from the traffic generated using my free methods than I have from Ads that I've paid over $200 for.

The proof is in the bank - I USE the methods in 'Free Traffic For Broke Marketers' every single day, yet I rarely pay for ads any more even though I can easily afford to.

It's a simple fact - The FREE traffic generation methods in this book work better for me than any paid marketing I've ever used.

I'll tell you:

  • How to get traffic to your websites for FREE - as often as you like and whenever you like
  • How the worst kept secret about traffic driving could be your BEST money maker.
  • Why PLR can be your best friend or your worst enemy (find out which) when driving traffic
  • The surefire methods to ensure that your articles get published by ALL directories
  • The main mistakes that most broke marketers make when trying to attract free traffic
  • The TRUTH about backlinks
  • Google - Friend or foe to the broke marketer? - what you really NEED to know
  • How to get other people to drive traffic to your sites while you earn the money
  • The one simple traffic technique that can vastly increase your site visits
  • The 'secret' Google trick that tells you who can help you and who to stay away from
  • and much more!


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The Seventeen Method

"Discover The Seventeen Simple 'Tweaks' I Use To Add A Zero Onto The End Of My Email Marketing Earnings"

Product Description: Know the weird thing? After subscribing for many years to top guru mailing lists I now know that my 'tweaks' correspond to a lot of the methods used by top marketers to optimize their email marketing profits.

If you haven't yet started building a mailing list or you only have small list, then believe it or not you're in the best possible position because you won't have to rebuild your relationship with your list, and re-establish trust. Even if you have an established list, and you've found your sales have dropped off over time, by using 'The Seventeen Method' you'll start to notice changes in your conversion almost immediately.

  • How to get other people to build your list for you
  • Get all the product testimonials you need - with one simple email
  • How to make multiple sales from the same customer - and they'll love you for it.
  • The secret guru 'tweak' that allows you to follow profits for as long as you wish
  • Get all the affiliates you need for your products
  • Let other people do all the work while you pocket recurring payments
  • Where to find all the ready-made content you need
  • The genius of the 'example' tweak.
  • How to have your readers waiting in anticipation for your next email
  • and much more!


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Killer Video Conversions

Finally, The Missing Link In The Video Marketing Arsenal. How You Can...

Turn Viewers Into Do-ers!

Discover The 7 Brutally Effective, Secret Video Techniques That Literally Force Viewers Away From YouTube And Straight To Your Website...
Time After Time!

Product Description: Yup, just add these 7 key ingredients to your next video, and I guarantee your visitors will be ditching YouTube and flying straight to your website faster than a nun on a skateboard!

Because Killer Video Conversions is so ridiculously easy to follow, it weighs it at a little under 25 pages. It's no textbook. Just solid facts that'll turn your video viewers into do-ers.

You'll see me analyze the emotional triggers in one of my recent videos which has a massive [red]70%[/red] conversion rate. That is, for every 100 views I get on YouTube, I get roughly 70 new, highly targeted visitors to my website.

Here's what else you'll discover:

  • How To Correctly Craft Your Title: It stands to reason...You won't get any visitors if nobody watches your video. Copy the psychological strings I pull to suck people
  • Don't Fight _____ ______, How To Use It Your Advantage: One of the simplest, yet brutally effective ways to increase your conversions is to make your visitors ______!
  • A Criminally Under-Used, Yet Strikingly Powerful Technique: Force viewers to your stealing this method, dating back to the silent picture era.
  • 3 Reasons Why 'Watermarking' Your Videos Isn't As Effective As You Might Think, And What You Can Do About It: Willie Crawford called this 'Brilliant' when he saw it.
  • Using _________ Gets Eyeballs. Lots Of Them: Apart from a slideshow of semi-naked Swedish models, this is just about the quickest way to get people talking about your videos!
  • Why You Should ______ The ______ From More Popular Videos: This is a no-brainer. Don't even think about uploading a video until you do this.
  • I Even Talk About Some White & Grey-Hat Ways To Improve Your Traffic: Do they pass the test?


Fuel Efficient Vehicles!

Scooters, Mopeds, and Other Fuel Efficient Vehicles!

Product Description: The cost of gas is more now than it has every been. In many locations people are paying twice as much per gallon as they were two years ago. There is information circulating in the news and online that the prices are just going to continue to get higher.

This has many consumers very concerned as they don’t know what they should do. Certainly they can’t afford to continue just paying the posted price at the pumps. Yet they can’t stop going to work or about their daily routine that requires them to use a vehicle.

A good strategy that many people are leaning towards more and more is more fuel efficient vehicles. These can get you where you need to go with less gas being used. Of course you want to be able to do so comfortably and safely as well as saving money.

You have several options when it comes to fuel efficient vehicles so take your time to evaluate them and make a good choice.


Gas Saving Devices!

Fuel Saver or Consumer Scam?

Product Description: With very little chance that gas prices are going to drop, people are looking for alternatives. That is why business entrepreneurs are offering a variety of gas saving devices. The controversy though is that some people believe they work while others are convinced they are nothing more than a scam.

There are hundreds of such products out there available and that is appealing to consumers. They are tired of paying high amounts for gas and they are willing to do all they can in order to find a way out of it. Advertisers of such products know this and they continue to appeal to the emotions of these consumers in order to sell more of their products.

Before you buy one of them you need to do your homework. You need to find out what other consumers have to say about it. You definitely don’t want to waste your time or money on something that isn’t going to be effective. There is no reason to hand over the cash until you know you are getting a legitimate product with a high level of credibility behind it.


"How to Make Your Car Go Further with Less Gas"

Product Description: If you aren’t familiar with hypermiling you should look into what it is all about. Chances are you will be hearing that term floating around quite a bit. It is a way for you to be able to cut back on the amount of fuel you consume.

Since most of us rely upon our vehicle to get us around we need to make it go further with less fuel being consumed. You may be thinking that you are already doing all you can to cut costs. You are watching the prices at the pumps and you are cutting back on when and where you drive. You may be frustrated about all of it as well.


Living Green

Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint!

Product Description: With all the information out there in the news and on the internet most people are at least aware of pollution problems. The issue is more serious in some areas but the fact remains that we all contribute to it. The concern is that with more people on Earth now and more pollution we are harming our environment.

Since we breath the air that is out there what is in it should be a top concern for each of us. Yet we often go about it without thinking twice about it. There are enough individuals suffering from health concerns due to what they have been breathing in for years.

With all of the pollutants out there right now, imagine what it will be like for future generations. You may don’t care must as you won’t be around. Yet you will have family who will need to deal with the problems. Even y our own children and grandchildren who are the next generations will be affected by it.

Each of us has the power to make some positive changes though. Some people believe that living green is a waste of time because you are only one person. Yet if the educational information out there about it could encourage many individuals to all do their part it would have quite a significant impact overall.

The efforts of only one person over the course of their lifetime will significantly reduce the amount of pollution out there. Teaching children from a young age what they can do and why will allow that process to continue being implemented in our society as well.


Renewable Energy

How to Harness the Power and Help the Future!

Product Description: Learning about the various types of renewable energy is a great way to get a person thinking about changes they can implement. There have been some significant efforts made in this area but there is still much more than needs to be taking place. Instead of being afraid of what is unknown to you, do your best to learn the basics of all the renewable energy sources possible.

The government of the United States has gotten involved in promoting renewable energy sources as well. They offer some great financial incentives for homes and businesses to you them. Even so, there is sometimes a high overhead to get everything in place. This can prevent many people from being a part of saving our natural resources even when they really would like to.

It is estimated that about 13% of our current energy is the result of renewable energy. With the money to cover the expenses, advanced technology, and a desire by society to continue using them we can see that percentage significantly increase. There are plenty of benefits to renewable energy too such as not harming the environment with pollutants.


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Create Your Own Products In 5 Easy Steps

eBooks Are Red Hot...So Why Not Make Your Own!

Product Description: The reason I have created this report is to help other people get started with product creation as this can seem like a daunting task, but believe me when I say it is also the most profitable step you can take!

There is a lot of information on the web about how to create your own products but not many of these sources provide a clear and concise step by step guide so you can get your product out there and making money in the quickest time possible!

So that is what I am going to attempt to do here.

I am confident if you follow the steps within this report you will have your very own killer product that will bring in sales for years to come.

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Raffle Site Script

The Raffle Site Script was designed to help anyone kick their list building efforts into high gear instantly!

Product Description: With this script, you can run a raffle offering as many different prizes as you want (digital, home delivery & pickup prizes are accepted), and the script will run fully automated down to running the raffle on it's own and doing the delivery of digital prizes instantly to winners!

This is a HANDS FREE list building magnet!

Run Either Free Raffles or Raffles for Profit!

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30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz!

Here's Your Opportunity to Finally Make BUM Marketing A Huge Success with a 30 Day Plan You CAN Follow!

Product Description: Everyone Knows that BUM (Article) Marketing is a Great Way to Generate Traffic and Sales for FREE.

Now You Can Follow Simple Action Steps To Make a Pile of Cash From BUM Marketing!

The biggest problem most people face with BUM Marketing is having a process to follow where they can select a product to promote, create the articles to promote that product, get the articles online so they can 'do their job' and start making enough money to build the momentum to make more and more sales.

It's Really, Really Easy IF You Have a PLAN.

The book and the software that you are about to buy IS THAT PLAN!

So Here's the deal...

I know that many people are just starting out, or have even been trying to make money for a very long time and are strapped for cash, and that is why I constantly deliver good products at Heavily Discounted Prices.

I Want You To Succeed and I am going to do that by giving you the 30 Day BUM Marketing BLITZ for a price You CAN Afford, plus I would like you to really do well with your BUM Marketing so here's something more to help you get the results you deserve.

BONUS 150 Per Day Bum Marketing Guide: The 30 Day Plan will get you up and running right from the start and this bonus guide "150 Per Day Bum Marketing" will add fuel to the fire so you can create a REAL BUSINESS where you can rely on a consistent income on a daily basis - And that is something that 99% of Internet Marketers DON'T HAVE.

These are the Ingredients for Your Recipe to Success And all it Needs Now is YOU!

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Follow-Up Email Creator Pro!

"How To Create Follow Up Emails For Any Product or Service in Minutes By Simply Copying and Pasting Information Into A One-Page Template!"

Finally There's a Way to Write Follow Up Emails For Any Product You Sell Generating Back-End Sales on Auto-Pilot!

Product Description: If you can copy information from a sales letter and paste that information into a template then you stand to make substantial auto-pilot cash with the tool you are about to find out about.

Just so you don't think I am exaggerating the scale of Follow-Up Email Creator Pro, here are some of the features and benefits you'll get:

  • Create a series of 3, 7, 14 or 21 email follow up messages in minutes without coming up with any NEW content of your own!
  • Create follow up emails for any product or service regardless of the niche!
  • Relax your mind knowing that each email follow up message you create will be unique to your product. Your product's existing sales letter is what makes each follow up message unique starting with the subject of each email!
  • Create, save, retrieve and update any follow up email series in minutes!
  • Generate sales using proven cost justification strategies integrated within your follow up emails. Your price will appear insignificantly small and you won't have to give away the store just to make a sale!
  • Gain an competitive advantage with product guarantees built right into your follow up messages that will justify the purchase in the mind of your prospects!
  • Ignite your prospects greed gland with product bonus offers that you will build right into your follow up emails! These alone will make your follow up messages unique even if you are selling the same affiliate product!
  • Cut through the email clutter and easily keep your product in front of the eyes of your prospects with short, product focused follow up emails designed to push your prospects hot-buttons.
  • Steer clear of sending "hyped-up" follow up emails that fail to move your prospects to buy!
  • Save more time and capture more sales using a tool that lets you create, copy and paste 21 email follow up messages to your autoresponder quicker than it takes you to write three email follow up messages on your own.
  • Experience the true power of follow up autoresponders by simply loading them with compelling email follow up messages doing all the follow up for you without any other effort on your part!
  • Automatically qualify each prospect with every follow up email that your autoresponder sends! Eliminate tire-kickers right from the start and only deal with folks who are interested in your offer!
  • Promote an unlimited number of affiliate products using free reports, follow up messages and autoresponders. All you do is drive traffic to your free reports. Then let your autoresponders and follow up email messages do the work of harvesting new sales...All on auto-pilot! In the past this was extremely time consuming to do. Now you can have it set up in minutes!
  • Buys you time with your prospects without losing mind share as you scout other product offers to send to your list!
  • Regain lost profits and pocket an extra $3,500 - $50,000 or more in spendable cash profits each year without investing a single dime in ad costs or lifting a finger!
  • Become a master at following up with your prospects in minutes! No skill, no expensive seminars, no expensive copywriting manuals required!
  • Outsell, outperform and outdistance your competitors by sending simple, focused, compelling email follow up messages for any product or service you sell!
  • Learn how to sell more of your product at a higher price by focusing on a single part of your offer! This simple trick even let's you sell the same exact affiliate product as your competitors and outsell them 3 to 1 hands down! The secret can be found within the template.

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Video Testimonial Machine!

One Secret to Online Success is Video!

Another best kept secret is Testimonials!

Together they are an unstoppable force in Internet Marketing...The secret combination to boost sales incredibly!

Product Description: "Stop Your Website Visitors From Running Away Screaming!"

GRAB Hold Of Their Attention And Put More Money In Your Wallet NOW!

This Revolutionary New Software Will Work For You Even If Your Website Is Brand New And You Haven't Made Your First Sale Yet!

If you long to have visitors stay on your website for more than a few seconds and are frustrated when your visitors leave before they buy ... you're going to love this! I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly why Video Testimonial Machine is critical to your success how to turn more visitors into buyers and why you need to get you hands on this software NOW!

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Competitor Ninja!

Want to check out your competitors sites?

Then send in the NINJA!

The ninja will return with your competitors site details!

Product Description: We're Offering You a Brand New Product EVERY Marketer NEEDS in Their Arsenal. Get Your Copy Today, Or Just Miss Out...No Pressure!

The Ninja will tell you:

  • The site title
  • Its keywords
  • Its description
  • The text on the page
  • All the links on the selected page (click a link and the Ninja's on it !)
  • All the email addresses on the selected page

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3 Ways To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program!

Perhaps the most significant business decision I’ve made since starting online in 1999 is to offer a coaching program. It has, literally, doubled and even tripled my income.

Product Description: A simple look at the numbers explains why it is so important:

  • It takes 50 customers buying a $20 ebook to earn $1,000.
  • It takes only 1 customer buying a $1,000 coaching program.

You can make a lot more money with a lot less effort by simply offering something with a greater price tag … in this case, your own coaching program.

It just takes fewer transactions to reach a significant profit level.

And, when you factor in the fact that many customers WANT to spend more money for something limited in nature, for something that provides a level of access, it because paramount that you offer it.


"Here's A Summary Of Everything You'll Get In This Package:"

36 Of The Following Products Come With MRR and/or PLR!
3 Ways To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Coaching Program! $10.00
15 Top Ways To Save Money $7.00
30 Day Bum Marketing Blitz! $27.00
62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump $7.00
101 Fast Fixes To Boosting Your Credit Score $7.00
Auto Content Pro $7.00
BBO Adwords Formula $7.00
Black Hat SEO For Beginners! $37.00
Competitor Ninja! $97.00
Create Your Own Products In 5 Easy Steps $17.00
Easy Striped Backgrounds Package $20.00
EZ Ebook Template Package 5 $37.00
EZ Ebook Template Package 6 $37.00
Follow-Up Email Creator Pro $47.00
Free Traffic For Broke Marketers $27.00
Fuel Efficient Vehicles $7.00
Gas Saving Devices $7.00
Getting Yourself Organized! $7.00
Household Budgeting $7.00
How To Prosper During Bad Times $7.00
How To Sell Your House Without An Agent and At The Best Price Possible! $7.00
Hypermiling $7.00
IM Minisites Pro Pak $47.00
Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked $12.95
Killer Video Conversions $27.00
Living Green $7.00
Newbie's Guide To Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing $7.00
Raffle Site Script $19.97
Renegade Direct Mail Secret $27.00
Renewable Energy $7.00
Sales Bot Generator $14.95
The Secret Sales Machine $27.00
The Seventeen Method $27.00
The Super Secrets of Credit! $27.00
Time To Move Abroad! $7.00
Video Testimonial Machine! $47.00


"Get This Never Before Offered "Special Edition" NOW At A Heavily Discounted Price..." 

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